Born Bad
Lyrics: Steffen Schürkens / Christoph Roth

Yesterday morning they started to fly
Like iron angels rising at the enemy's sky
They brought modern death dropped to wipe away
Wry ideas in fanatic heads

So I don't understand what is war
What are they really fighting for

One man mad, a nations follows
Religion's prepared the way
Money, hate, greed and business
Storm rises into rage

Warfare seems to me a
So absurd Delusion
For noone fights the cause
But the unavoidable conclusion

Through misty dreams illusions spread
Wish I had a lighter head
More tender songs the fairy sings
Flying on her golden wings – in vain

So I don't understand what is war
What are they really reaching for

"I saw 'em marching in rows with their heads held high
wonder whose god needs they're proudly running to die"

Stop it!

Are we born bad
Ore who instilled the poison deep in our heads
Are we born bad
Or do we educate ourselves into the evil's hands

Reasons to kill are easily found
Take pride, fear or intolerance
If we only will war is always around
As our failings' bitter consequence

"Sleep my dear, fall asleep
All harm is gone like the sun
Far behind and out of mind
To lands we do not need"

Sweet dreams!

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